Kristin Bauer is today’s #TBT

This central New York model was instrumental in making me who I am today as a portrait photographer.

There are those that, if they get to you early enough in your life, can mold and shape you into a better, stronger self. Kristin is one of those people. Because of her, i am what i am today in terms of who i am, how I work and my style.

We met up just as I decided to become a portrait photographer. I knew what I wanted to do and I had a good grasp of the photographic basics but I was terribly inexperienced when it came to working with people. In fact I had practically no experience in the matter whatsoever. I was the proverbial babe lost in the woods.

Kristin Bauer sunset oswego

She was the consummate pro. She took me under her wing and showed me the way. She was absolutely stellar as a model so I could sit back and concentrate on getting the image right in the camera. That was a huge load off my shoulders. Anyone that can do that gets a gold star in my book.

She gave me pointers and tips. She gave me insider information in terms of what models look for in a good photographer. She pointed me in the direction of posing and directing. She did so much that I could spend an hour singing her praises. She became my ambassador in this new, exciting world I was getting into.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful she was and still is.

This image itself isn’t the best image that shows the beauty that is Kristin. There will ne many more from our sessions in the coming weeks and months that shows her off better but this image is special to me in many ways so I thought I’d lead off with this one.

Thank you, Kristin, from the bottom of my heart and with everything I have. You mean the world to me.



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