The (almost) lost fashion session with Miss Merrick.

Have you ever said to yourself that you should do something, plan the whole thing out in your head, and then actually forgot to do it? So, this is what happened here. I was going though my hard drive yesterday getting ready to move things off the main computer onto an external when I came across a folder of images I shot while I was in upstate New York this past July.

I had sent the images to Miss Merrick months ago. She’s actually posted some of them on her social media pages. I made plans to make a blog entry, had the images picked out, knew what I was going to write about, and was ready to roll. Then my computer died. The folder of images was lost in the shuffle to get a new computer, get it up and running, and catch up on the backlog of images. As I had done it several times in my head, somehow “You must do this” got switched to “You did this.”

miss-merrick's-fashion-session 5

To quote an emanate sage of our time, “D’oh”

So, with no further ado – I give you the radiant beauty that is Miss Merrick. She is a professional model based in central New York. Please go to her page here to see more of her work and, if you’re a photographer, book a session with her today.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based portrait photographer covering the Hampton Roads community. Contact him today at for your fitness, senior portraits, couples, model portfolio, model experience, engagement, corporate, and headshot needs

miss-merrick's-fashion-session miss-merrick's-fashion-sessionmiss-merrick's-fashion-session 2 miss-merrick's-fashion-session 4 miss-merrick's-fashion-session 5 miss-merrick's-fashion-session 6 miss-merrick's-fashion-session 7 miss-merrick's-fashion-session 8 miss-merrick's-fashion-session 9 miss-merrick's-fashion-session 10 miss-merrick's-fashion-session 11 miss-merrick's-fashion-session 12 miss-merrick's-fashion-session 13 miss-merrick's-fashion-session 14 miss-merrick's-fashion-session 15


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