Diana Ramos’s eyewear session with items from David Ford Collections.

Our adventure throughout the back roads of Virginia Beach.

Diana is a wonderful friend and local model based here in Virginia Beach. We are always bouncing ideas off each other. She reached out to me a few weeks ago with the exciting news that David Ford, based in Cleveland Ohio, sent her examples of his new fall collection of eyewear. She wanted to know if I’d be interested in using them for a fall-themed session.

I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Diana Ramos’s fashion session with designer David Ford eyewear.

Fall, to me, speaks of warm tones of gold which paired perfectly with a few of the items as they were framed in gold metal. The catch was that it was August. Fall was several weeks, if not months away. Well, that could put a wrench in the plans.

If you know me, you know that I believe Photoshop is supposed to be used to tweak photos, not completely overhaul images. Get it right in the camera is one of my most used mottos. There would be no background swaps. Otherwise we might as well call ourselves illustrators, not photographers.

So after doing some free thinking exercises I realized that the corn in the fields should be all dried up and golden. Hay would also have the same color I was looking for. A-ha, I thought, that will do nicely. So we met up and went off on an adventure to find us some fields of corn and hay.

And an adventure we had. We drove around the Pungo area of Virginia Beach. We both saw things that neither of us had seen before. It’s amazing how much diversity this area has. There are so many different areas from farmland to Town Center in the almost 500 square miles that the city Virginia Beach encompasses.

We’d drive around, see a potential shooting location, jump out, set up and shoot. Then we’d pack everything up, jump back in the car, and start driving again. We were shooting next to the road and in the road. Traffic, while reduced, was still something to contend with. Set up in the middle of the road, shoot, grab the stuff, get out of the way of on-coming traffic, run back into the middle of the road, set up and start shooting again.

Gonzo photography rocks.

Well, you can see the results above and below. As always, a session spawns ideas for six more sessions so now I want to do more.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based photographer covering the Hampton Roads community. Contact him today at http://www.mknopp1@cox.net for all your portrait needs.

diana-ramos-fashion-session diana-ramos-fashion-sessiondiana-ramos-fashion-session diana-ramos-fashion-session diana-ramos-fashion-session diana-ramos-fashion-sessiondiana-ramos-fashion-session diana-ramos-fashion-session diana-ramos-fashion-session diana-ramos-fashion-sessiondiana-ramos-fashion-session diana-ramos-fashion-session


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