Miss Carter’s recent Virginia Beach sunrise fitness photo session.

Summer’s wrapping up which means so will the beach sessions for another year.

When I took my dog Oscar out for a walk this morning, I noticed a slight drop in temperature. Not cold, mind you, but a noticeable drop. Granted, after weeks of 95 degree weather, a dip into the low 80’s always seems a bit chilly but still. A look at the calendar made me realize that there are not many days left in this summer.

miss carter's recent virginia beach sunrise fitness photo session

If I was in my hometown of Oswego, New York, we could go maybe as long as Labor Day for a beach session. It just gets too cold to be by the water that time of year. We’d move into fall sessions for a few weeks until it just got too cold to be outside. People think I’m kidding when I tell them that more years than not we wore snowmobile suits over our Halloween costumes because it was snowing that night. I’m not.

We are fortunate enough to live in an area where there are still plenty of warm enough days to shoot. We could conceivably get into the water for 2 to 3 more weeks as the water temperature should remain in the 80’s and drop into the mid 70’s. After that we can stay on the dry beach into October for sunset sessions. Even then, though, we have to figure bad weather will take more and more potential days away from us as winds pick up.

I figure we have about 2 weeks remaining for sunrise sessions as the temps drop lower every night.

So, realistically, there really aren’t that many days left to shoot on the beach. if you’ve been thinking of doing a beach session, as a couple, group, or just yourself, you should contact me immediately to set it up. The longer you wait, the worse the weather will get, and the chances of getting it done drop.

Miss Carter, seen here, contacted me recently for a session to show off her hard work and effort at the gym as she moves towards a personal fitness goal. The beach is, in my opinion, one of the best places to show off the results.

Contact me at mknopp1@cox.net to setup a session with me today.


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