Andrew Pardue’s Virginia Beach fitness session.

Virginia Beach’s Houze of Champions gets a shout out for letting us work in their space.

Andrew Pardue, of Wilmington, NC, reached out to me recently about doing a fitness session. He was going to be in town to compete in the OCB Sword of the Titans contest and had some time the day after the competition. After discussing what he wanted we agreed to meet at Houze of Champions here in Virginia Beach. We didn’t want to interfere with their normal operations so we went in before it was open.

Andrew Pardue's fitness session at Houze of Champions by Mark Knopp

This was Andrew’s first session but you’d never know it. Thanks to his training he already knew how to hit certain poses and, given the nature of the other images, posing wasn’t needed at all. We had a game plan in place so shooting was mostly me getting the lights right and trying to avoid reflections and flares off machines and glass. Oh, and to make sure I wasn’t showing up in any reflective surfaces. That was a big one to contend with. At 6’3 I’m not easy to hide.

I’ll let Andrew himself end this entry.

“Working in the supplement industry, it’s important to get quality photographs for effective branding and marketing. As my first ever photoshoot, Mark was really easy to work with and more than willing to bounce ideas off one another to get the absolute best shots possible. It was a lot of fun and a very comfortable atmosphere, I definitely plan on working with him more in the future!”


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