Lexi’s recent fitness session in downtown Norfolk, Virginia.

She was primed for her first fitness competition at the Norfolk Grand Prix.

Lexi should not be a stranger to the regular readers of this blog. She is, without a doubt, one of my favorite people to work with. Period. We have joined forces several times in the past and the images are always one of the most viewed on here. When she dropped me a line saying she was going to be in the area for a fitness competition and wanted images done before the big show I literally said “Oh hell yes” out loud before typing my response.

lexi fitness session in norfolk virginia

We discussed options and agreed that the dirty, gritty environment of the back alleys of downtown Norfolk would be the perfect backdrop to show off her hard work and effort in reshaping herself. I thought the contrast of the brick and metal backdrops against her hard body and soft skin would make her stand out even more. Given that it was going to be a hot one, magnified by heat from asphalt, concrete and no breeze would make for dreadful shooting conditions, we agreed to meet early in the morning before we would need medical assistance.

As always she brought her “A” game and I literally tried my best to hang on for dear life as she kept hitting amazing pose after amazing pose. the results, of course, speak for themselves. I’ll end this entry with a few words from her.

“This shoot was the day before my NPC Bodybuilding competition. Mark knew all of the best spots for the look I was going for and had all of the necessary supplies to make the shoot run smoothly. Mark always gives great posing suggestions to ensure that the images show your best features. It was hot outside, but you wouldn’t guess by looking at the images. I am very pleased with how my pictures turned out and I am so excited to do it again (when it gets cooler outside).”

PS – She placed 4th in the Bikini Open Class A and 4th in the Bikini Novice Class A at the Norfolk Grand Prix. Amazing considering it was her first show.


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