Virginia Beach Town Center fashion session.

I never pass up a chance to work with iconic local model Diana Ramos.

Diana reached out to me recently with a session request. Of course I agreed to do it before she even told me what she wanted to do. There are some people that always raise your game and Diane is one of those people so I always jump at the chance to work with her.

After agreeing to working with her she told me that she wanted to do a photo session showing off recent creations from some of her favorite designers. She showed me the outfits in question which were stunning. We agreed that Town Center in Virginia Beach would be a good match for the vibe of the outfits. We set the go-time for early in the morning when traffic was non-existent and would give us the most freedom.

The biggest trick to these sessions is having a game plan going in. We knew exactly what we wanted for the look. The model knew exactly how to show off the outfits in the best way. I knew how to light it  to show off the features in the best light. If you do this right the actual shooting goes pretty quick. Case in point – we were done within 30 minutes from meeting each other.

The black dress and the black shirt come from the mind of Thomas Ruffin. The print dress and green shirt are the creations of Willie Hall.


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