Rebecca and Bjorn’s bonding session.

My first mom and newborn (newBjorn?) session.

Well, there’s so many “firsts” in this session. Up until this point my experience with babies has been limited to my nieces and their children. Which they were wonderful to work with, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a whole different level when someone outside your family approaches you for a session.

Rebecca and Bjorn's bonding session

I have great respect for those that work in this field. It is a huge undertaking and challenge to create memorable images. But, if I am to be honest, I never felt a strong pull to work in this field – my immediate family notwithstanding. It just never struck an inner chord.

Then Rebecca entered my life via a shared friend. I was looking for someone for a new avenue of photographic expression and exploration. This friend linked us up. We hit it off immediately – two kindred spirits working off each other creating things that are bigger than either of us on our own. We are going to be doing some amazing things in the very near future so here’s a head’s up on that.

Anyhow, back on topic. We did a session together that was wonderful. During the post-session review we started talking about things and somehow we got on the topic of newborn/infant photography. She became a mom for the first time to Bjorn this past December. We started bouncing off ideas about capturing the moments when mom bonds to bady and capturing those special, more intimate, moments.

This started to sing to me. Capturing emotions, special moments, bonding, et cetera. Not a standard infant session to be sure but still – this had my attention and we started to plan.

Then the day arrived. Bjorn was more than ready for his debut. The only vocal objection came when mom tried to put him into a teddybear outfit. Bjorn the Bear, we joked. He didn’t find it humorous at all and made his displeasure known. We got, like, 4 shots and that was that. Out he came and all was well again.

It was truly an honor capturing these moments. I may be biased but I think they captured the relationship nicely. I’ll let Rebecca sum it up.

“I feel as though these images are a great representation of the bond I have with my child. As someone who was never supposed to experience this brand of joy you were able to capture how unique and encompassing this love is.”


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