Danielle and Adrian’s First Landing engagement session

A match made in heaven.

I’ve known Danielle for a few years now as an outstanding co-worker. When she came to me about photographing her engagement session I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough. We had a confab at a local bookstore where we went over ideas, outfits, styles, etc.

danielle and adrians first landing engagement session 12

The two met when Adrian was looking for something special for his mother’s birthday. Danielle is an outstanding artist so it was fate that he found her work and commissioned a hand painted card from her for his mom. They met when she delivered the piece and they hit it off. Adrian invited Danielle to take a dance class together for one of their first dates and the rest is history.

As the couple are avid kiteborders it made total sense to hold the session at the beach. The icing on the cake was when Danielle said she loved my portraits done during sunset. Talk about a match made in heaven. A wonderful couple against a dramatic backdrop like a sunset? I’m all in.

The session went off without a hitch. It’s real easy to do my thing when the love is apparent. The key to success is to put two people that love each other close enough together and then let them do what comes natural. The best part was when we were blessed with a great sunset to frame them against. Breathtaking.


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