Downtown Norfolk, Virginia rooftop fashion session with Sarah Beth Horton

Any chance to do something different I will be there

Sarah and I were discussing possible places to shoot for our first photo session together recently. The weather was supposed to be sunny but only 45 on the day of the shoot so we were looking at indoor locations. There were some places that had potential but nothing rang my bell until she mentioned that she had access to her building’s rooftop.

So many bells went off in my head that I had a hard time hearing anything else she said after that. We went up to scope things out and the bells got even louder. This was the place. I had never shot on a rooftop before and the view was amazing. We worked out a game plan on how to shoot while trying to keep her warm between shots.

sarah beth horton's hampton rooftop fashion session 4

I have to pause here to mention that I have an absolutely horrendous sense of temperature or comfort. I’m the kind of guy that can walk around outside on a 40 degree day in shorts and a tank top. As a matter of fact a neighbor of mine saw me do that one day and said that I “must be part wolverine”” to be able to stand it. Same thing with heat.

If I’m shooting something that has my attention everything else falls to the wayside including my comfort. I’m the guy laying in the gutter of a back alley working the session. It smells horrendous and I usually have to toss those clothes out when I’m done but if the shot calls for it, I’ll put myself through anything to get it.

I always point out to the people that I’m working with that if they get too cold, too hot or anything is bothering them to let me know as I probably didn’t notice it. Heck, the last alley session I did I didn’t realize that I was getting high off of gas fumes until I tried to get up. I was seriously tripping. But the images were worth it.

Anyway, back to the rooftop session. It was high noon so I had to break out the speedlights and radio units to counteract the harsh shadows. It was a high wind day so I kept to small light modifiers to prevent my gear from sailing off the roof and falling onto some unsuspecting person several stories below.

Sarah was a trooper through it all. She was hitting some awesome poses while wearing thin outfits with a fair amount of bare skin showing. I absolutely love the combination of power and femininity she possesses. It’s a lethal combination that I hope to capture more of with future sessions.

We stayed out as long as we could before retreating to warmer environments. She really impressed me with her comfort and confidenceĀ levels. I see her going exactly as far as she wants to in this world. She knows what she wants, does her research and takes on the challenge with gusto.

I’m seriously looking forward to warmer days to go again with her.


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