Revamping the site.

Nothing that’s been on the shelf for over a year is still fresh

An annual rite that I do this time every year is to clean house – both my abode and my sites.

While my place is small and I’m a fairly decent housekeeper, I still manage to clutter things up. It’s good to go through things, figure out what to keep and what can be tossed. I can see what I’m running low on and needs replacing/replenishing. It’s also the time to scrub everything down from top to bottom. It’s amazing where dirt and grime can get.

anns apple virgina beach fashion session 2

It’s the same thing with my sites. No, there’s no dirt to be found here but there are crumbs like orphaned images, categories of images that are irrelevant now as you don’t do that line of work, bad writing that needs to be re-worded and such. Things that were grouped one way that need to be re-organized to flow better. You get the gist.

It also allows me a chance to remove images that no longer fit my style or are just getting long in the tooth. I believe a site should reflect what that person is currently up to as opposed to a greatest hits site where you could be looking at work that’s 5, 10, or 15+ years old. I make an effort to keep the images shown in the galleries to those I shot the previous year or so.

New images get posted on the front page and then, right about now, I group them into the menus on the top of the page. Next year the process is repeated. Ever renewing, ever fresh. I’d be hard pressed to think of anything being fresh after a year on the shelf.

Take a look and tell me what you think. It’s still a work in progress that will take me a few days to get through so check back often. Feel free to offer up some suggestions on improving it further. Better yet, send the link to your friends and families that would like images done. I’d forever be in your debt.

Here are some new images I did recently with the unbelievably talented and beautiful Ann McLeod for your perusal.


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