Sydnee Even’s fashion session in Virginia Beach’s Town Center

Working with a relative newcomer to the Hampton Roads modeling scene

A good friend and fellow photographer, Kevin Higgins, sent me a message recently saying I should work with Sydnee Evens as soon as I could. She was someone special, he said. Well, with an endorsement like that from him I immediately made contact and set up a session with her.

I love working with all levels of people – from those that have never done a session before and just wanting some images to those considering a career in the modeling world up through seasoned professionals. Each level brings something new and different to the table which I enjoy immensely.

sydnee evens virginia beach fashion session 3

Working with someone just starting out in the modeling scene puts a little more pressure on me. One, I want the session to leave a good impression on the newcomer so that they continue on. A bad session at this stage could turn them off to the whole thing before they even get started. I also want to instill good habits that will help them succeed while showing them the tips and tricks to really show themselves off.

I relish the challenge and welcome it every time I get it.

The day was less than perfect with temps in the mid 40’s, heavy cloud cover, and a constant wind that gusted every so often. I actually called and suggested that we should rescheduled but she wanted nothing to do with that. That got 5 stars from me right off the bat.

We started in the tunnel over Columbus Street. Right off she was hitting strong poses that showed off the outfits, which is what fashion modeling is all about. She moved effortlessly from pose to pose with very little direction from me. She truly surprised me as she held herself so much more confidently than her 15 years would imply. Not once did she voice a complaint about the cold as we worked through a couple outfits.

After a spell we relocated to The Daily Grind to capture some slice of life images, not to mention get some hot chocolate for her and coffee for me. We chatted about the modeling scene here in Hampton Roads while snapping images. She did well working in public with people coming and going. She looked totally comfortable in front of the camera as the following images show.

As always the time to part ways came way too soon.


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