Lexi’s portrait session at Lynnhaven House

A friendly face returns for another go-around

Lexi and I go back a few years. We’ve worked together a couple of times but then she graduated from college and moved out of state. It hurt to see her go but we remained in touch. I would occasional send her an annoying text bugging her on when she was going to come back and visit me. She would reply back with “someday soon” and then we’d catch up with each other’s lives.

Well, as it turns out, that someday soon was recently. She was in the area visiting the family before the holiday and wanted to get together for an outdoor session. I of course acted all kinds of cool and said “whatevs”. Yeah, right. I just about came out of my chair when I read her text and scared poor Oscar. A quick check of the calendar was done and a date set.

lexi portrait session 4

The day was an atypical Virginia Beach day with clouds and cold. She wanted to try and capture a little of the beauty that is late Fall so we set out for the Lynnhaven House at it seemed to have some potential. I’ve heard about it and was always up for giving it a try so, after a long overdue hug of greeting, we set off.

One of the best things about working with someone that you’ve worked with before is that there is a built in level of trust and confidence already in place. We’ve worked together before so we know what to expect from each other and we’re already past those first time jitters of uncertainty, et cetera. There’s still a warm-up period to any session, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that we get up and running so much quicker and the images are always stronger.

So working with someone like Lexi is like slipping into a comfy chair to re-read your favorite book, watching your favorite movie, et cetera. I know what to expect and it feels so right. I can relax a little more and concentrate more on the photo side of things as she knows how to move and react so I don’t have to give a lot of suggestions  Mutual trust and respect are in play and I can sit back a little and enjoy the nuances she brings to the table.

Needless to say I’m already nagging her for another session.


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