Senior Portrait Session in Chesapeake

Brandy Gaede’s country-themed photo session

Any time I can work on a farm, I’m there. I was born and raised next to my grandfather’s dairy farm so I’m a country boy at heart. Doing a session on one is like coming home. So, when Brandy said she wanted to do a country-themed senior session that included horses and a lifted truck, I wholeheartedly agreed to it without hesitation.

brandy gaede senoir portrait session 3

We met at a horse farm that they knew of. After a brief consult over outfits, we set up shop in a pasture surrounded by fall foliage. Within minutes we were creating wonderful images with magical afternoon light. Brandy was a breeze to work with as she was

Of course, being the kind of photographer I am, was soon laying on the ground to get more unique perspectives. I imagine it must have been a sight to see someone rolling around in a horse pasture taking pictures but I was mindful of where I was moving to so there was no surprises. It wasn’t my first rodeo, after all ;-). Brandy soon joined me for a wonderful series of images with her leaning back on the fence while eating an apple.

We worked around the fence line before moving to another pasture that had 2 horses who were watching us intently. Brandy soon had them eating out of her hand, literally and figuratively. One took  a shine to me and became my best friend. At one point he put his chin on my shoulder and blew in my ear while I was doing my thing. Brandy’s mom, who was with us, snapped a few images of the encounter with her cellphone so I can back up what I’m saying.

We captured a few images by the barn before moving on to the second site to get images of Brandy with her friend’s lifted truck at sunset. We were blessed with a glorious sunset that we used as a backdrop. We found a deserted road to shoot on but it didn’t remain deserted for long. As it always seems to happen on such things, as soon as we started shooting, traffic picked up considerably with a few cars passing by a couple of times.

We wrapped up the session after sunset as it got cold. I was sorry to see it end but I knew we had some wonderful images so it was bittersweet.

Take a look at the images and let us know what you think. Even though the days are shorter and a little cooler there’s still plenty of things we can shoot so drop me a line and let’s set something up.


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