Kelli and Ryan’s beach portrait session.

Taking advantage of a nice day at First Landing State Park.

Any chance I can get to work with a fun couple like these two, I’ll take it. Kelli was up visiting Ryan and they wanted to take advantage of the good weather for their first photo session as a couple. They wanted images at the beach using the sunset as their backdrop. I knew just the spot to capture the images they wanted.

kelli and ryan beach session 1My main goal while working with a couple is to show the relationship between the two. Too many portraits don’t show the love and adoration. I’ve seen so many images where the two were so stiff and formal with either person barely even acknowledging the presence of the other. I can’t help but think that they are rigid statues placed somewhere.

I want to capture the fire, the intensity, the passion. To show that there is care and tenderness between the two. The playfulness, the joy and the intimate moments shared when they think no one can see or hear them. I want to bring that front and center.

Kelli and Ryan were fresh in love, it was easy to see, so capturing the moments was a breeze.

On the technical side I wanted to keep things simple as I didn’t want to get bogged down worrying about gear and missing those moments. I wanted to keep it loose and let them lose themselves in the moment. Stopping every so often to check gear would have broken the spell. Natural light was the medium of choice until sunset when I broke out a Speedlight and softbox.


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