Still kicking.

Been busy editing a wedding while continuing sessions on the beach and booking senior portraits.

As the Bee Gees once said I’m staying alive, staying alive, staying alive. Ahh, ahh, ahh, staying alive.

I know my blogging has been spotty of late but it’s for a good reason as I’ve been busy. I don’t want to tempt fate by seeming to boast so I’m knocking on a lot of wood here but I’ve been editing images from my most recent wedding at New Kent Winery. As soon as I’m done doing that I’ve got a solo and a couples beach session to edit.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in the pipeline.

heather and james new kent winery wedding heather and james new kent winery wedding 1heather and james new kent winery wedding 2 heather and james new kent winery wedding 3

When one door closes another opens. In this case the door to beach sessions is almost closed but that also means other venues are opening. This will be my first fall session and I’m excited about the possibilities as the leaves start to change color. This just begs for portraits.

Of course I will continue my work in the fitness field with gym sessions. I’ve also gotten a strong response to my downtown fashion series and am still open to that.

Keep me in mind that we always have a few days where the weather soars into the 80’s for a day – like it’s supposed to this Tuesday and Wednesday – so the beach isn’t totally out of reach.

As always I’m open to any suggestions that you might want to try. The possibilities are endless.


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