Arlandra Taylor’s Virginia Beach fashion session.

Still getting in great sunrise sessions at the beach.

Great things come to those that wait. In this case the great thing that happened was that, 3 years after meeting Arlandra Taylor during a group shoot, I got to work with her in a solo session. Life stepped in between us in the intervening years and we lost touch but we got to reconnect via social media recently and immediately agreed it was time to team up.

Arlandra Taylor virginia beach sunrise portrait session 6

Once again the beach at sunrise provided the perfect backdrop to the session. Despite what the calendar says, the mornings are still warm enough to venture out and capture some magical images. In this case, as Arlandra has a background in fashion modeling, we decided to use that in choosing outfits, lighting and poses.

It soon became apparent that we were on the same wavelength and were off to the proverbial races. The light was magical and ever-changing to something more dramatic. There was a slight breeze that added some dynamic motion to her hair and outfits. Every so often I would stop, show her what I just captured, shared an enthusiastic high-5 and went back to work.

As the sun climbed the sky it went behind intermediate clouds that changed things from sunny and golden to blue and moody every so often. We matched the light’s mood with outfits white switching from natural light only to strobes with available light fill. Eventually we switched to natural light only with Arlandra in a swimsuit for some full body and close-up work. She never ran out of poses or enthusiasm.

When it was over we had covered a lot of ground in 2 short hours. We promised each other that it would not be another 3 years before working together again.

Gear used – Nikon D7000, Nikon 35-70 2.8D lens, Nikon Speedlight, CowboyStudio radio units.


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