Amy and Carl’s Wedding Day

Sincere Wedding at Maymont Park in Richmond, Virginia

Amy and Carl asked me to photograph their big day at Maymont Park in Richmond, Virginia a couple weeks ago. Given that I’ve worked with them before and think they are wonderful people to be with I knew it would be a blast to be part of and said yes without hesitation. I wasn’t disappointed.

The new couple
The new couple

The weather was perfect and Maymont Park is a stellar location to shoot in. It was my first time there so I got there a little earlier than usual to scope things out and figure what would be needed to be done where to get the images needed.

The ceremony was held in the Italian Garden with the beautiful stonework and flora. The bride arrived in a horse-drawn carriage and walked down a long promenade, past family and friends, to her husband to be.

After the “I do’s” the couple and I moved down to various locations in the park taking pictures until we got to the Japanese Gardens where we had to get images of the two on the bridge as well as next to the waterfall.

After capturing those images we returned to the Reception for further festivities. The day was full of joy and happiness as the couple starts their new journey as a family.


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