Hannah Stewarts’s portrait session at Virginia Beach’s First Landing State Park

My first session with the extraordinary Hannah

People tend to think that a beach session is nothing but swimsuits. Nothing can be further from the truth. There are so many things we can do at the beach along with or besides swimsuit.

Take my recent session with Hannah, for example. We had never met each other, much less worked with each other, before our session. Se we decided a sunset session would be the best way to go. With this timeframe we could meet, she could try on several outfits that I shot to get an idea of how they look, where they would be best used for, possible lighting solutions, et cetera.

This also gave us a chance to get comfortable working with each other, build up confidence, and get on the same wavelength before the big show – aka sunset.

hannah first session 1

We started out doing various headshots and half body shots before moving to the beach.
As there was a slight breeze that day (At the very least there’s a slight breeze blowing there every day), I asked Hannah to put on a dress that had a nice flow and movement to it. As it was a beautiful orange I had her go to the top of a dune while I stayed below.

I envisioned an image where that orange would play well against the vibrant blue sky. I also got below the grass line and shot through it to give the image a nice sense of depth and additional motion.

You can see the vision become reality above.

After we played on the dunes we moved on to the beach to finish up the session.

I always ask people to read my “preparing for a session” before we hit the beach. You’ll find oodles of pointers and tips there to make a session with me successful.

Hannah Stewart First Landing beach session with Mark Knopp

hannah first session 2


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