Amber’s beach portrait session

My sunrise portrait session with Amber Smyth at Virginia Beach

Amber recently contacted me about working together to update her modeling portfolio. After a few messages back and forth I readily agreed and we set up the specifics of the session.

Amber had only done one beach session prior to me so we discussed the pointers and tips found at She also sent me pictures of the outfits she thought would work for the session and we discussed which she should bring and what could stay home.

Amber's beach portrait session

All the prep work paid off as the session went fabulously – as you can see by the images here. It was a gusty morning, to be sure, but it added to the session dramatically. I often say the best days to shoot are the days when the weather isn’t the greatest. Clouds add drama to the sky and wind really makes any loose material into a dynamic, flowing element.

Discussions are already underway for round 2. 🙂

Feel free to contact Amber at if you would like to set up a session with her.

Gear used – Nikon D7000, 35-70 2.8D lens, Nikon speedlites, CowboyStudio radio units.

Amber's beach portrait session 3 Amber Smyth's sunrise beach portrait session at Virginia Beach Amber's beach portrait session 2 Amber's beach portrait session 5Amber's beach portrait session 4 Amber's beach portrait session 6Amber's beach portrait session 8 Amber's beach portrait session 9 Amber's beach portrait session 10 Amber's beach portrait session 11Amber's beach portrait session 7


4 thoughts on “Amber’s beach portrait session

  1. Absolute blast on this shoot, can’t wait to do another one!!! If u haven’t scheduled a shoot with Mark yet u should definitely consider doing so!!!!

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