Jessica Magary’s sunrise photoshoot in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Images from my most recent session with the marvelous Jessica Magary

Any chance I can work with someone several times I will always take as the resulting images are intrinsically stronger.

There is a distinct difference between the first images captured during a first time session compared to the ones from the end. This is because a good part of a first session is tied up with figuring out what works, getting past the first time jitters, and just relaxing. This is why I’m not a fan of those quickie 30 minute sessions. It takes time to get into the groove of things and letting go. That’s when the magic really starts to happen.

When the opportunity comes around to work with someone again the warm up period is distinctly shorter as all the issues from the first session as already past us and we can get going that much quicker. The subject is more confident and we can start to break out into new areas of exploration.

This leads us to my sessions with Virginia Beach-based model Jessica Magary.

Jessica Magary sunrise photo shoot Virginia Beach

We have worked together multiple times in the past few years and each time we do we always get something magical. She’s the consummate professional. She is always there on time and ready with a vast array of outfits and accessories. She knows how to move and lose herself in the moment. I’m sure she has had down days but never once has it been apparent to me during our time together.

I truly look forward to working with her.

This time around Jessica brought, among other things, a prom dress. The fearless pro that she is, she didn’t hesitate when I suggested her wearing it into the surf line. The cool colors, the shiny material and the flow of the dress was a perfect compliment to the waves and a strong counter-note to the warm colors of the sunrise.

People have expectations of what they will see at a beach. I like the unexpected. This dress, combined with the elegant, graceful poses provided by Jess, is the perfect mash-up.

We continued the session with other outfits before the lighting became too harsh. As always the good-byes come far too soon but the knowledge that we would work together soon always tempers the moment.

Gear used – Nikon D7000, Nikon speedlites, CowboyStudio radio units

jessica magary sunrise virginia beach session 5 jessica magary sunrise virginia beach session 3jessica magary sunrise virginia beach session jessica magary sunrise virginia beach session 2jessica magary sunrise virginia beach session 4


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