Anna’s sunrise session at Buckroe Beach in Hampton, VA

Anna’s first photoshoot

Anna recently contacted me for a sunrise session. She hadn’t done a photoshoot before but felt as though it was time. She has worked really hard in the gym for some time to get where she is now and wanted to document the results.

anna buckroe beach sunrise photo session

“I decided to do the photos because I feel like pictures are an expression of a point in time in your life. Right now I’m happy, healthy and feel the best about where my body is.”

As she lives up in Newport News, VA we decided to meet up at Buckroe Beach for a sunrise shoot. I’ve never worked there before but wanted to give it a try as I’ve never shot a sunrise session north of the HRBT before.

We met up, set up, went through her outfits real quick and started to test outfits while going through poses and getting comfortable working together. She’d try on an outfit, we’d shoot a few pics, she’d try on another outfit, shoot a few pics. It’s a good way to see how the outfits fit while getting into the swing of things.

The whole point of this is to get into the groove with posing, outfits and mindset so, when the sun starts to come up, we are ready for it with all cylinders firing.

Slowly the light from the east brightened up as we worked. Anna was a little unsure at first, as expected, but she really warmed up to it and soon didn’t need any suggestions from me – which is what I always want. She was as radiant as the rising sun.

We started out working with off-camera flash and then moved into just natural light as the sun continued its ascent in the sky. Of course time flew by and, before we knew it, it was time to pack it up, head home, take a shower, and eat some breakfast.

I received the following message from Anna after I was done sending her the edited images.

“Well first I want to thank you for the encouragement to shoot.  Your pictures really captured how comfortable I am in my body and how content feel with who I am. Thank you Mark!!!”

No, thank you Anna for the opportunity to work with you :-). I honestly can’t wait to work with you again.

Gear used – Nikon D7000, 36-70 2.8D lens, Nikon speedlites, CowboyStudio radio units


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