Meaghan's virginia beach sunrise session

Meaghan’s session

Meaghan and I have worked together a couple of times in the past so when she sent me a message saying she would be in town for the weekend I was all for getting together again. She carries a lot of confidence and presence so any chance I can work with her I’ll take gladly.

Images from Meaghan's sunrise session

I picked her up at her hotel and we drove to one of the spots I use for sunrise shoots. Once again she lit up the scene with her beauty, style, and grace. Time flew by as we started with off-camera flash mixed with available light and then moved to just available light as it got brighter. It was over way too soon, imho.

I know I’m going to catch some grief about the black dress. Anyone that has worked with me knows my stance about black cloth in general. As it absorbs all the light that hits it it turns anyone that wears it into an amorphous blob with no form. This dress, however, was made with a shiny material so some light was reflected back to the camera which helps define the person wearing it. In this case it worked. Shiny black material like leather, pleather, pvc, latex, velvet, etc., works.

As always I left wanting more time with Miss Meaghan. I hope to be able to work with her again.

Images from Meaghan’s sunrise session

meag virginia beach sunrise 2 meag virginia beach sunrise 3 meag virginia beach sunrise 4 meag virginia beach sunrise 5 meag virginia beach sunrise


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