Tiffany’s sunrise session at Virginia Beach

I recently met Tiffany during a beach sunrise photography session with another client. She was a friend of the client and wanted to try her hand at it. We worked out a system where, when one was in front of the camera, the other was doing an outfit change, assisting with the lights, etc. Needless to say the session went really well and I really enjoyed working with them.

tiff sunrise virginia beach 5

Within a matter of hours Tiffany and I agreed to do another session. These images are the fruit of that session’s labor. She continues to impress me with her beauty, her confidence, and her professionalism. I look forward to working with her more in the future and watching her grow.

tiff sunrise virginia beach 0 tiff sunrise virginia beach 1 tiff sunrise virginia beach 3

tiff sunrise virginia beach 2 tiff sunrise virginia beach 7tiff sunrise virginia beach 4 tiff sunrise virginia beach 6 


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